Lady Worsleys Whim

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Lady Worsley's Whim, Hallie Rubenhold
Издательство:Vintage Books
ISBN: 0099494264
Год: 2009

divorce ,

Lady Worsley’s Whim is the story of a marriage between two opposing personalities; a stoic, art-collecting empiricist and a passionate romantic. Their tale is driven by the consequences of a terrible error of judgment made at a bath house on a summer’s afternoon. The aftermath of this “whim” altered their lives forever. This fascinating story has lain buried in long forgotten newspapers, overlooked pamphlets, yellowing satires and uncatalogued letters. No other author, past or present, has ever told it before. Обо всём этом и не только в книге Lady Worsley's Whim (Hallie Rubenhold)



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