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Visual C++ 6 in 21Days. Davis Chapman

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Книга: Sams Teach Yourself Visual C++ 6 in 21 DaysАвтор:Davis Chapman
Год: 1998
Страниц: 798
Размер: 4,87 Мб
Качество: отличноеЯзык:EnglishIntroduction
Welcome to Visual C++. Overthe next 21 days, you will learn how to use the features
that Microsoft hasbuilt into its C++ development environment to enable you to create
veryadvanced applications for the Windows and NT platforms. When Microsoft’sdevelopers
first came up with the idea behind Visual C++, they decided totake their worldclass
C++ compiler and create a development environment andset of tools that would
enable developers to create Windows applications witha level of ease and speed that was
unheard of among C++ developmentenvironments. Since that first version, Microsoft
has continued to improvethe tools that are a part of Visual C++ to make it even easier to
createWindows applications. As Microsoft has introduced new technologies intothe
Windows platforms, it has also introduced tools into the Visual C++ suiteto make it easy
to integrate these new technologies into yourapplications.
If you are new to C++, don’t worry. I’ve tried to make it easyfor you to learn the C++
programming language while also learning how tobuild applications using the Visual
C++ tools. Just in case you find yourselfhaving trouble understanding some aspect of
C++, I’ve included a briefoverview of the programming language in Appendix A,
"C++ Review.”
Ifyou’ve looked at previous versions of this book, you might notice that I’vecompletely
rewritten the entire book. Our goal with this new version is notjust to introduce you to
and guide you through the various tools andresources that you will use to build applications
with Visual C++; I’ve alsotried to include a great deal more detail about the various
options that areavailable to you with each of the features that are covered. This way,
you’llbe able to get a lot of use out of this book long after the initial 21days.DAVIS CHAPMAN first began programmingcomputers while working on his master’s
degree in music composition. Writingapplications for computer music, he discovered
that he enjoyed designing anddeveloping computer software. It wasn’t long before he
came to therealization that he stood a much better chance of eating if he stuck withhis
new-found skill and demoted his hard-earned status as a "starving artist”to a part-time
hobby. Since that time, Davis has focused on the art ofsoftware design and development,
with a strong emphasis on the practicalapplication of client/server technology. Davis
is the lead author of WebDevelopment with Visual Basic 5 and Building Internet
Applications withDelphi 2. Davis is also a contributing author of Special Edition Using
ActiveServer Pages and Running a Perfect Web Site, Second Edition.



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